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Session Summaries 3-6


Hello all! It is I MetaRidleyX aka The DM of this crazy campaign and since Angi/Sono is always busy thesising or whatever I figured I have enough time to do the reports that have yet to be done. As of this writing there have been 6 session’s two of which you all should know about already and I don’t feel like re-explaining them since Angi has already done an excellent job of explaining them so please just search for them. Now one last thing this is going to be written from a general perspective or my perspective compared to the other reports which were from Rue’s perspective. Also, these haven’t been checked for spelling/grammar and thus they are quite error filled….but whatever let’s start the show!

Session 3: Ruelin (“Rue”) – Eladrin Wizard Zaer – Human Rogue Nicephorous (“Nice”) – Elven Cleric Zen – Tiefling Paladin (Played by KP) We this session we brought about the new player that is only known as KP, since the player that plays Zen the Fabulous (Zen) couldn’t make it for the next couple of sessions and KP really wanted to play. I decided that KP will take over Zen’s character until Zen got back. If you all remember, the part was entering the door to fight Loki: The Trickster God… Well, it didn’t exactly happen that way. As instead of that happening they were plagued by ILLUSIONS before fighting Loki and Zaer was the only one that did not see an illusions for reasons unknown (foreshadowing lol). Now I’m not going to explain what each illusion was for each character because I like the fact that none of the adventures know what illusions happened to the other members and I’m not going to change that. Now then they all make it past their illusions and enter the arena to fight Loki which is a basic circular, coliseum, nothing to special about it. At this point Loki is PISSED, she just wanted to have some fun with some adventurer’s and hope they lived long enough to keep her amused she didn’t expect them to get past all her traps and break her illusions and actually stand AGAISNT HER. So, she was quite angry. Keeping with the illusions theme she immediately made dozens of chasms appear where everyone rolled a will check which only Zen and Nice didn’t past though they took minimum damage. Then they rolled Intitiative which was the following

Loki>Nice>Zaer>Rue> Zen Loki began by levitating Zaer and smashing him upon the ceiling and floor several times but surprisingly enough it only did two damage.

Then Nice went and everything went to epic land.

Before I go any further for those of you unfamiliar with DnD a lot of the actions in fights are decided by rolling a 20 sided dice aka a d20 and there are two specific numbers that cause very interesting to happen if you roll them. First is if you a roll a 1 which is a critical failure in the normal game it just means you instantly fail but in mine I decided that a critical 1 would usually mean you attacked your own team mate or just something bad in general. The other important number rolled is 20 which is also called a “natural 20” you see in my game when you roll a natural 20 in my game crazy awesome shit will happen.

Nice rolled a natural 20. Nice is a cleric of the Raven Queen: The god of DEATH in the dnd verse. You figure out yet? No? Nice summoned the Raven Queen to fight Loki. The Raven Queen looks like the following: What you see before you is a woman, a woman that makes you slightly happier when you gaze upon her because she believes death is just one end to a story and the beginning of a new one. She appears beautiful yet deadly, happy yet cold, filled with emotions yet emotionless for she is Death and she will see the end of all things even this world. She wears a raven helm around her head that she wears when she is working which is constantly, and a cape with her sigil on it (a black raven head with a red outlining), she is dressed in moderation only wearing the bear essentials to not give people the wrong idea who she is for she is death and she will come to us all and destroy our world one day….then she will bring it back.

I really like that description.

So, obviously to keep with the DnD system I roll inititative for her and she ends up going last which is perfect for my plans. And Loki is so shocked by the apperence of the Raven Queen that she is laughing hysterically that Zaer realizes this is the perfect time to steal Loki’s Gem which The Merchant requested for Nice to keep Bob The skull. And he does with crazy success and since Loki’s Gem is one source of her power she instantly lost her illusions abilities and went back to a wizened old man that he/she always was. The Raven Queen could not stop herself from laughing. At this point Loki was so pissed it would have taken ME! The god of this world to stop his/her anger and I wasn’t going to do that. So, he transformed himself into a DRACOLICH (Undead Dragon) Rue then critically failed casting Scorching Burst and accidently hit Zaer. Then Zen uses RadiantDelirium which would have done damage but seeing as how Loki is a dracolich it didn’t work….at all.

The Raven Queen then had her turn. At this point I told everyone to put on the song “Libera Me From Hell” from the ever-popular Gurren Lagann soundtrack just to add to the epicness. The Raven Queen quips at Loki then immediately opens a hole in the SPACE TIME CONTINEUM and rains dozens upon dozens of meteors on the Dracolich but Loki being a god and all is still standing after the meteor assault. The Raven Queen decides to end this quickly. She summons up four balls of elements (Earth, Wind, Fire and Lighting) and combines to form a ball of Nega-Energy and she tosses it at Loki destroying her molecule by molecule. All that is left of Loki is dust. The Raven Queen says a word for Loki then tells the party to meet her outside. (This next part Angi wasn’t there because her building was on fire) As the party was about to leave to go see the Raven Queen the Merchant showed up asking for Loki’s Gem, Nice then tossed the gem to The Merchant and asked why he wanted the gem to begin with. The Merchant told them quite simply “To give to my master….the demon prince…ORCUS” That’s right people The Merchant is a follower of Ocrus The Prince of The Undead who seeks to topple the Raven Queen from her throne.

This caused Nice, the cleric of the raven queen to go into a deep depression. So the guys had to drag him out to the door to see The Raven Queen and all she said was:

“I have a job for you all”

SESSION END! It’s going to be very hard for me to top the epicness of this session but I think I can do it.

SESSION 4: Since the last one was so long. (Over 1000 words) and I don’t like this session enough (This is the most normal of the sessions) I’m going to make this one short. The Raven Queen then gave the party a mission to go find the Gem of Cyrotek which is in the hands of Lazik Lucius a undead scholar who likes to read….a lot. The Raven Queen also introduced a new member of the party who she was outsmarted bad….Cress the Ranger. So, to find Lazik they went to the town of Pilgrim aka Rue’s home town and went to her Library which was huge. Well, Rue and Nice did. Cress annoyed with Zen killed him after Zen stupidly fell off a building and took all his stuff. After a whole lot of help from bob and a lot of time searching the library they found the entrance….and then deciding that was enough for one day they all decided to head to the inn (except for Rue who went home)

Session 5: This session I enjoyed. It was a good time all around even if it was just to introduce the last new member of the party. So, the guys wake up and GASP!!!!! Nice has been turned into a puppy by the evil, evil Merchant and he would stay that way until the party left town. After meeting up with Rue in front of the library something unexpected happened! A TOMBSTONE GOLEM ATTACKED THE CITY!!!! And it was about the size of the third colossus from Shadow of the Colossus. The party was in for one hell of a fight. So, at first nearly everyone’s attacks were very ineffective and the Golem punted Rue and did 24 damage (she only has 28) and the Golem was going to attack again when SUDDENLY! A pirate looking at the fight from his small vessel feels that they could use some help but he is in the middle sea how is the mighty pirate going to get before they are all crushed? The pirate looks at his ships lone cannon and gets an idea. He stuffs himself inside the cannon, swords in hand and fires himself at the golem. He makes an epic entrance, does damage and lands flawlessly. The pirate introduces himself as Captain Polk and he’s here to kick some ass. This is the part where crazy shit happens. You see if you remember Rue has a core drill well, at the point it was shining with a fierce intensity and Rue decided to cast Magic Missle….which instead of being a missile due to the Core Drill became a GIGA DRILL BREAKER! It pierced him after an epic pushing match. And it doubled the attack strength of the ordinary magic missile attack causing it to do 8 damage and it bloodied him (caused him to go down to half HP). Then the dog attacks. That’s right the fucking dog. He fucking hits and does 3 damage. That’s right the fucking dog does better then most of the people there. Then Cress distracting the Golem away from Rue attacked it using Fox’s cunning which is a reversal of sorts and he did 10 damage. Then Zaer finishes it off with a piercing strike. Now instead of Golems dying like they are supposed to…this one turned on its self-destruct mode and everyone got out of there except for Polk because he didn’t realize it in time. After the golem exploded they found a note at the epicenter of the explosion which said the golem was made by Lazik Lucius and commissioned by the evil, evil Merchant. Needless to say the Party was pissed so they immediately left the town to confront Lazik Lucius and kick his ass. Which is where I ended the session.

Session 6 So, they got up to Lazik’s place of residence and attempted to open the huge door to get inside….it took a long time but finally Captain Polk found an invisible wire using his amazing eyesight and opened the door. They all went inside where the following happened: They were in a huge arena where the DBZ announcer showed up and introduced the team’s evil counterparts. Which are as followed Rue=Liza: Basically a whore Zaer=Raze: Basically a god of confidence. Nice=Lakik: A crazy person Captain Polk=Buchanan-san: A young ninja Cress=SAL: A giant. (Since I was sick this part was kinda not well planned out) So, first everyone fell into separate holes to fight their respective evil counterpart….SAL was talked out of fighting Cress by Cress’s way with words….and Zaer out manliness Raze. The other 3 however were then put back into the main arena and fought their evil counterparts as a team… because I don’t have much time….Rue got so mad at Lixa she became Anti-Spiral and summoned Grand Zomboa who used Infinite Big Bang Storm and may or may not have destroyed my entire dndverse….which is where we are at right now.



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